Maximize your sales with Tayon's AI agents

From writing emails to cold prospects to qualifying leads through WhatsApp conversations, our AI agentes handle it all.

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Our AI Agents filter leads so your
sales team can focus on closing deals.

Outbound Marketing

Lead List
Sends and responds to emails
AI Agent
Qualified leads
Leads saved in CRM

Inbound Marketing

Lead initiates via WhatsApp
AI Agent
Qualified leads
Leads saved in CRM

Put your sales on autopilot

Find new leads and schedule meetings for your salespeople automatically using our generative sales AI

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Unleash the power of AI in your sales process

Our AI-driven approach ensures unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness, enabling you to contact exponentially more leads, drastically reduce costs, and enhance lead recovery with precision and speed.


Leads contacted compared to human agents


Cost savings in customer service and prospecting


Reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC)


More efficient at recovering old leads

Generation of relevant content

Utilize pre-stored content and AI prompts so the Tayon AI Agent can create brand-aligned and contextual messages, understanding which generate meetings.

Contact prioritization uses engagement data to prioritize personalized outreach, helping capture clients in an active buying cycle.

Dynamic engagement with prospects

Our AI email generator quickly sends information to engaged buyers, slowly nurturing the non-engaged ones until they are ready to buy.

Accelerate conversion time

Concentrate conversations and information in one place and schedule meetings automatically, increasing the speed of lead conversion to sales.

Relevant information about your sales process

Easily view the performance of your campaigns and team to increase your opportunities and sales.

Why use Tayon's AI Agents?

Think of AI sales agents as virtual sales representatives, operating 24/7. Without the need for new hires or outsourcing, you can prospect unexplored market segments and schedule meetings on autopilot.

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Some of our features

Cold outbound

Contact cold leads from external lists and engage them with well-written, high-conversion emails generating meetings with salespeople.

Customer expansion

By prospecting cold leads and filtering leads that contact the company, the number of opportunities for salespeople increases considerably.

Untapped leads

Our AI Agents will contact forgotten leads with high-conversion emails and high-interest subjects, creating opportunities to recover the leads.

Prospect with precision

Put your prospecting on autopilot using

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This could be your story


Peter, a small business owner, struggled to increase sales conversions. By implementing Tayon's AI agents to create and send cold emails and qualify leads, he saw a significant change. Unqualified leads were no longer a problem, and his sales increased drastically. Peter now trusts technology to keep his business competitive and efficient.


Martha, a commercial director, was tired of seeing her team waste time on unqualified leads. She decided to use AI agents to handle and qualify leads before passing them to salespeople. The result was a significant increase in conversions and a more focused and efficient sales team. Marta proved that technological innovation can be the key to success.


Edward, a commercial manager, knew his team needed an innovative solution to improve lead quality. With the introduction of AI agents, there was an immediate improvement. Leads now arrive more prepared and qualified, resulting in increased sales and team satisfaction. Eduardo became an example of how technology can transform sales processes.